Tamhini – Discover your own self!

Cloud-bursting skies… numerous cascading waterfalls… the wild greens… a quiet ambiance… and some more! If that’s your idea of a perfect weekend, you should surely be heading to Tamhini this cloudburst. Tamhini, an unsullied destination beckons one and all!

The little known Tamhini is soon becoming popular among the Punkars, because of the state highway to Mahad. 65 km off Pune, the paradise is accessible all round the year by road. Loads of ST buses ply here but it would be ideal to drive down to experience the enchanting beauty Tamhini and its hinterlands have to offer.

Tamhini is a tiny village situated at the confluence of Jula and Nila Rivers. Dexterously set at the foot of the Sahyadris hills, it is identical to the one you always dreamt as wonderland. A hazy place with a very few contented homes… Carpets of the paddy fields all stitched in green… enticing flowers all around… and the beautiful Vinzai Devi shrine dictating the landscape.

The ancient shrine is said to have been existing since the 12th century. According to a popular myth, Goddess Vinzai, pleased with the devotion of Ramprabhu, offered him darshan here. He then built a beautiful temple here, adorned with crafty sculptures. The hill near this temple, existed in the shape of a Tamhan – a shelving copper dish used extensively during religious occasions. Hence the name – Tamhini.

When you are done with the darshan, set afoot. The trail behind the temple takes you atop a hill. From here making your way through a wooded trail you can walk up to Dongarwadi, another wee habitation in the lap of nature. The trek offers a good workout, lot of thrill and of course the breathtaking views of the Sahyadri valleys. These are so full of freshness; you wished you could pack some and take home!

Another avenue that is getting popular amongst the trekkers is the plus valley. Four hillocks come together to position themselves in such a way that the valley between them appears to be taking shape of the ‘+’ sign and hence the name. You won’t need directions pointing to the valley; you would know when you reach here. Thanks to beauty of this place which draws attention and compels everyone to halt and take a look. Trekking enthusiasts toddle down the valley which has on offer loads of milky cascades and spectacular views of the cliffs above. Many a times clouds tend dominate the valley, paying you off for the strenuous trek. However, it may be chancy to trek here in the monsoon though!

If you are the laid-back types and walking is not your idea of a weekend getaway, worry not! You can expect from Tamhni much more than you ever thought. You may simply drive down the ghat enjoying the crisscross and the fantastic views enroute. Milky waters cascade down the mighty cliffs, clouds that descend to fill up the bottomless valleys, hills decked up in varying shades of green and huge rock face that appears from nowhere trying to scare as you drive along.

When you had had enough of the joyride it is time to get off and be one with nature. Get soaked in one of the numerous cascades or simply enjoy the chill in the air. Mere being here would revitalize your senses!

There is a lot in Tamhini to entitle itself a perfect weekend destination. Most ideal for those who desire to take a quick break from their daily hectic routine. So be sure to leave behind the tensions in the civilized world itself. You would then be able to be one with nature cherish Tamhini – a paradise where you would discover your own self!

© Amit Chilka

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  1. Hi Amit, dont know whether you still watch this blog. I need more info on the plus valley. Would be gr8 if u can mail me some details as to
    – how to identify it
    – what is the end point of the trek
    – is it very difficult

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