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Trek to the Everest Base Camp – Celebrating my 2nd anniversary at 5360 m!

April 27, 2011 – 2nd wedding anniversary: A cold and chilly morning it was. The continuous snowing last night had spread a white carpet all over. The tender rays of the sun kissed the mountains in the milieu. Various shades of saffron, vermilion and yellow blended perfectly with the black, brown and white of the […]

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Rajasthan on my wheels – An incredible ride to the royal state!

Fine sands of white, clear saline waters of deep blue, varying abundance… nah! Not again. With extensive riding in the west coast over the last couple of years I was definitely not in mood for yet another trip to the seas! ‘I want to go to Rajasthan’ said Anu – my wife who by now […]

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Tringalwadi – Kavnai – Mordhan : The majestic trio at Igatpuri!

It was a bright and sunny afternoon. We were walking up the second fort of the day. Fatigue was catching up on many of us. But something kept us going. With effort we reached the top and the scenes that surrounded us here left us flabbergasted! In front of us stood the vast expanse of […]

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Dhavalya Ghat – The road less traveled

6:30 pm and it was dark already. It had been around 6 hours since we had begun to descend, but we were no were close to the destination. We kept walking stumbling upon the rocks and finding our way through the thicket in the diffused beams of our nano torches. A stream surged gently along […]

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Khandas-Bhimashankar : A unique Valentine celebration with my beloved ‘nature’!

Valentine’s Day, 2010: A sunny afternoon it was. We were tracing our path to Bhimashankar through shady woods of the sanctuary and we had kind of lost our way. On the slopes was a patch of loose soil and pebbles which made it slippery and a little difficult to walk. I knew this wasn’t the […]

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Kanniyakumari to Pune – riding the beach way!

Fine sands of white… clear saline waters of deep blue… varying abundance of coconut greens… the coastline of western India is blessed with all of this and more! Ever since I have been mesmerized by the journey during the classic coastal biking expedition from Mumbai to Goa last year; I savored a dream of being […]

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Prachitgad – The king of the forts in Chandoli Sanctury

Oct 11, 2008, 7 am : Tired and helpless. We, a group of 6 trekkers who had ventured out in the wild woods of Chandoli sanctuary, were not able to find our way to  Kundi – our final destination. We had walked over 70 km in the last 3 days in the absolute wilderness of […]

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Malshej Ghat – Rendezvous with Nature

Overcast skies… steady downpour… milky waters cascading down the soaring Sahyadri cliffs… the green valleys crammed with the clouds… and a thoroughfare running through the hill. At the corridors of Pune and Mumbai is the heaven called Malshej! Aptly known as the Kullu-Manali of Maharashtra, Malshej is adorned with picturesque countryside which beckons the nature […]

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Varandha Ghat – Love at first sight!

As you leave the noisy Satara highway to journey towards Mahad via Bhor, you are bound to fall in love! Not that you will find lasses on the way, but the astounding beauty of the Varandha ghat, would compel you to do so. Varandha since long has been the love at first sight for all […]

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