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  1. Saket Gudi

    Life is an Endless Vacation… good one! who coined this? tell me the truth…! πŸ˜‰

  2. Rahul Borade

    Amazing site … 135 Forts … Simply Great … Hats off to you Amit .. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

  3. Asif Billa

    Hey…Amit I have just seen U website…its really amazing……Though I have not yet read all the articles………but going through the website,Article headings & of course the picture gallery have captivated me soooooo much that I can’t resist myself to put words…before all the articles to be read…….
    Finally ‘Life is an endless vacation !’……..awesome

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  5. Sana

    Thank you for the very interesting articles. I will necessarily come back to your site again and again.

  6. Hi there I’m Leon and I really like your site. It has fantastic info, please take a peek at mine if you like.

  7. seizedcar3150

    Hey your blogs are very informative. Keep going.

  8. repocars8515

    Very Interesting Information! Thank You For This Information!

  9. I like this website very much, Its a really nice billet to read and receive information.

  10. Great Blog. I add this Post to my bookmarks.

  11. Suman punuru

    Keep it going amit!!!

  12. I’ve checked out your website and love your quote ‘Trekking is the only sport where there is no competition whatsoever. You are your own competitor. When you have scaled any peak you have a sense of achievement and the confidence that you can win over situations in life despite all hurdles’ – Very true!

  13. sarvesh

    hey…this is an amazing experience to browse your site..

  14. Nandini

    I like your website very much. It is really good.

  15. Tarique Zeya

    sir I am a student of Patel Institute of Technology,Bhopal. I am a big fan of you. I had attend your 2 days seminar. I was amaging the you talk and present any thing.

  16. Pearl

    Wah Wah, wah wah!!!

  17. Atul Shinde

    Hi Amit,
    I have just seen Ur website, its really amazing. And great to know that you have conquered so many forts which is simply amazing……………
    A grt inspiration for us too be energetic always!!

  18. nikhil

    hi Amit
    great blog, ur site works as a guide to decide destinations..I would be grateful if you post roadlinks of ur trips along with travelogues…

  19. Aparna

    Amazing write up “Mumbai to Goa – The classic coastal biking Expidition”,Keep exploring and sharing with us πŸ™‚

  20. swathi Muthyam

    Hey Amit,
    You are simply awesome!!
    I have just seen Ur website, its really amazing and not getting words to express feelings about your interests on so many things… And great to know that you have conquered so many forts.. all most covered Our nation… Keep going… All the Best and continue to ENJOY each moment!!!!

  21. Prashant Medhekar

    Hi amit,
    Nice work…Keep Inspiring.
    would like to interact with you in person…

  22. Samadrita

    Hi Amit,

    I have just seen your website which is simply gr8. Awesome pics and awesome writings.
    Kip Travelling and Exploring!!!

  23. Hello Amit,

    Thanks for the excellent site. Travelogues, photos, writing, everything is good. I do visit your site on regular basis since more than one year.
    Would like to suggest you to add one more destination to your list -> Rann-Of-Kutch. This is amazing place I am sure you will love it.


    • Sure Abhijit.. Thanks for those kind words and the suggestions. Rann of Kutch has been on my radar for quite long… will make it soon! πŸ™‚

  24. Sulek

    Hi Amit, Really amazing website. Thanks. Its encouraging to live life with nature…Gallery section is wonderful…

  25. Jaykumar Chaundkar

    Really nice website & nice collection.

  26. Hi Amit, I liked your website very much. Its simply awesome and the gallery section is wondeful.

    !Keep going!

  27. Amit

    Hi Amit…
    Why are you moving from C ..
    “Plz don’t move” your Adventurizants is amazing
    we all realy miss u….

  28. Snigdha Sinha

    That’s one helluva blog/site. I have known you extremely briefly but you seem like a connoisseur of good things in life.

    May your journey always be exciting and may you always feel as if on an extended vacation. Cheers!

  29. Jitendra Gupta

    Hi Amit, Today i saw your mail and checked your website it’s realy fantastic and fatak….

    keep adding your activity in it.

  30. Anoop C(Adventurizants Blr)

    Even though we never met, ur Adventurizants mail had been truly inspirational. U will be missed… and All best the best.

  31. Pratibha

    Hi Amit

    Today I saw your mail and gone through your website. your website is awesome.

  32. Devashrayee

    This one is mind boggling site….I thought i love vacationing the most…Great!!! you are the same…

  33. Pawan Thakur

    Hello Sir ,
    Your website is simply SUPERB (=

    I don’t remember when was the last time I was so thoughtful and confused at the same time.I actually realized that how,by overlooking very small but important things,I’ve made a big mess out of my life. Last two days (as you said in the beginning “I am here to make you UNCOMFORTABLE”) those sessions , activities,stories were very helpful and I’d like to thank you for everything. (=

    Thank You ,
    Pawan Thakur

  34. ritesh kumar

    your website is wonderful. In the two day’s session i enjoyed very much. the twisted story of tortoise and hare was great.

    Thanks a lot
    Ritesh kumar,

  35. Hey very nice blog.

  36. Hello very nice blog.

  37. Nishith

    Amit, Good to know you… Even I like exploring places…
    Awesome website and the eBook (though I’ve not purchased it yet)

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