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  • Amit coached me for having a positive outlook towards life. It was a fantastic 2 month journey where he tactfully helped me find answers to the numerous questions I had. I was confused, lost and completely negative and Amit has helped me really clear my confusions and make me a positive person. I am full of energy now and my outlook towards life has completely changed. Thanks a ton Amit for this change. Also wish you a great success in your coaching career. Keep influencing many like me.

    Rinku Paul

    Author and Life Coach
  • When you commit to succeed in life despite all odds you generally have to walk all alone. Many a times you feel the need to have someone to show you the way and be your mentor. At Synergist I found a coach who did exactly the same. Amit supported and encouraged me when I felt low. He acted as a true catalyst in showing me the right way and helping me take the right decision. He also went out of his way to ensure I get the right opportunity and thus I landed in my first job.
    The debts I know I can’t repay, but the least I can do is thank Amit and Synergist from the bottom of my heart! 
    Thank you for being with me and guiding me through the tough times! 

    Himanshu Choudhary

    Technical Consultant
  • I was in mid-career crisis when I happened to talk to Amit and eventually hire him as my coach. He has a very unique way of connecting with people. I felt motivated during the very first discussion. I had no doubt I was investing in the right place.  Amit not only acted as my friend, philosopher and guide; but his sessions actually helped me shape my career. I found the right job for myself. I really owe Amit a lot.

    Jitendra Mittal

    BFSI Customer Experience & Service Delivery Professional
  • Amit  has enabled me to focus on the things I truly wanted in life. Amit helped me to visualise the life I wanted and given me the approach to see the good things. I was looking for a new approach to deal with situations from a professional and personal point of view and I feel Amit has given me the ways to do this & enabled me to start making REAL changes to my life. I am already experiencing a different perspective, one with energy and purpose. I know I still have a long way to go, but the journey has started. Taking that first step in any change is the hardest , he made me flexible to changes and embracing the brighter sides of circumstances with a deviation in a perspective.

    Abhijit Raut

    HR Professional
  • It was really an amazing experience to have your as a coach …I am really thankful to you for making me aware of my strengths and help me unleash my true potential.



    Karan Tiwari

    Software Professional
  • It’s been a real life changing experience to meet a ‘coach’ and a real synergist. I had so many qualms and regrets about my life. But, during the very first strategy session itself you made them vanish. You dealt with my doubts with ease. I am now full of confidence and with lots of high dreams which I thought was far-fetched.
    Amit helped me understand not only the importance of good health but also motivated me to get on an exercise regime and thus have a healthy mind.
    You are an incredible person with a great influential personality.

    Saurabh Gupta

    Founder Director Fine Skills Pvt. Ltd.
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Amit Chilka is a 10X SUCCESS COACH. 
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