Lesson 14 – Know when to speak

The past few days, we as a group had been through a lot of ups and downs. Every time something happened, everyone had an innate desire to speak and make his point heard. I had a clear strategy. Let people discuss, debate and fight with each other. I will not be part of it. Finally, when they have come to a conclusion, I would have a discussion with the guides. If it is feasible, we would implement and if it wasn’t, we followed what our guides had to say. Our guides knew the terrain better than us after all!

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Lesson 13 – You need a system

When we see successful individuals we are always amazed. But we usually forget that to be able to reach that stage, there are many others who are working behind the scenes. And usually that is the mistake that we make. When we chart out our plan for success, we chart it keeping only ourselves in mind. That is how we set ourselves up for failure.

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Lesson 12 – Delay Gratification

Anu & I hugged each other. Standing at the foothills of the world’s tallest mountain at 5360 m our hearts were swollen with pride. How many really think of celebrating their anniversary at the Everest Base Camp? Though it was our anniversary, there were no traditional celebrations. We were overjoyed to be here, but we had kept the celebrations for later, when we return!

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Lesson 8 – Face your fears

We began our walk by snaking around the river thinking about the good times we spent by its banks yesterday. Then we had to cross over to the other side before we began the steep ascend. As we started taking our baby steps to climb, we heard a scream. We were startled. Before we could understand what really happened we saw a yak appearing from nowhere rushing towards us.

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