Lesson 16 - Appreciate people who help you

We were back to where we had started. It was time say good bye to our porters. They had played a vital role in our success.

On the last leg of our trek today we walked from Namche Bazaar to Lukla, the very place where we began our trek.

It was the same trail which seemed to be difficult when we had begun. But now on the way back, we almost flew. At that point, we realized how much of a big support our porters had been. We had been walking with bare essentials, but they were the ones who had carried our bags all throughout the trek, thus making it easy for us.

Before we parted with them today, we decided to appreciate them for their efforts. We arranged a small celebration from them, tipped them, personally thanked them for making this such a wonderful journey and assured them that they will get a positive reference from our end to whosoever would like to go for the Everest Base Camp trek.

In our real life too, there are a whole lot of people who are helping us achieve our goals – directly or indirectly. The key to 10X Success is to appreciate them, nurture them, help them grow so that we are able to grow in return. Click To Tweet It is mutual give and take. If you take care of them, they will take care of you and will help you achieve 10X Success. Click To Tweet

So here are 3 little initiatives you can take to appreciate people who help you grow –

Have informal conversations with them

When you do so, you connect with them on a personal level. That way you are able to understand what they are really looking for – what their needs are. That will help you give them what they really want. Now I understand, you cannot fulfill all their desires. But do whatever best you can and as the old saying goes, the best will come back to you.

Say Thank You and say it often

Expressing your gratitude by saying thank you is what everyone gets pleased by. It is the best currency you can trade in. It is the least one expects and is prompted to do more when you say thank you. Thank you has a lot of power. Say it as often as you can and for the smallest of the things you can.

Help them in different ways

When you have conversations, it will also help you explore how you can help them. It can happen in many different ways, you just have to have the will to explore.

What are your thoughts? Have you had instances where you have appreciated those who helped you and in return they helped you more? I would love to hear your experiences. Do share with me in the comments below.

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