Lesson 8 – Face your fears

We began our walk by snaking around the river thinking about the good times we spent by its banks yesterday. Then we had to cross over to the other side before we began the steep ascend. As we started taking our baby steps to climb, we heard a scream. We were startled. Before we could understand what really happened we saw a yak appearing from nowhere rushing towards us.

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Lesson 5 – Paint your future

Finally, after 3 days of walking, today we got the first glimpse of Mount Everest… It was surreal. We then never had to look for motivation to walk throughout the trek. On the 4th day of the trek today we were to walk from Namche Bazaar to Dole. We had just begun walking when the weather that had been playing weird games with us all this while, suddenly decided to shower it’s blessings!

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Lesson 4 – Climb high sleep low

To the world’s highest luxury hotel and back. Today we trekked to the Everest View Hotel to acclimatise and adapt the concept of Climb high, sleep low. Today was the third day of the trek. We had already gained an elevation of 3440 m. The air had become thin. And as we would go up it would grow thinner. It was thus absolutely essential for us to acclimatise.

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