Developing Breakthrough Mindset
Webinar Replay

Here's what you will learn in Breakthrough Mindset Intensive

Day 1 : Where is my mind?

Increase awareness, understand what you are thinking when you are thinking, and how it is affecting you?

Day 2 : The focus shift

Consciously shift your focus to identify the barriers and how you will break through them? 

Day 3 : Manifestation of breakthroughs

Power tools, tips, and tricks to make the breakthroughs happen.

Day 4 : The four pillars of breakthroughs

These 4 pillars would give you the superpowers to ensure breakthroughs are not an option. 

Day 5 : Tuning into breakthroughs

Vibrate at the same frequency as that of the breakthroughs and tune into your being to ensure the breakthroughs.

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