Lesson 6- Embrace the adversities

Today we crossed the 4000m mark. At Machhermo we were stunned by the beauty and also horrified to learn that it was called the Death Valley. Today was a major turning point of the trek!  

On the 5th day of the trek today we were to walk from Dole to Macchermo.

However, everyone was in a mood to rest. Our joy knew no bounds when our guide informed that today we just had to walk for 4 hours. We would be reaching our destination before lunchtime. Everyone was excited. So we climbed a small hillock, walked on a plateau and rushed down to the village of Machhermo into a valley.

Machhermo was a tiny settlement nestled in a valley surrounded by the tall peaks.  It was a beautiful sight. We were happy we didn’t rest, but chose to walk.

While having lunch a doctor showed up to inform us that there was a session being conducted on altitude sickness and urged us to attend. We obliged. In the session, she mentioned that this beautiful valley could turn into a Death Valley for those who couldn’t acclimatize and the do’s and don’ts to adapt at such high altitudes. While this was being explained – one of our group members collapsed. He threw up a few times and was seriously dehydrated. Several treatments were done on him for the next couple of hours and he showed no signs of improvement. He had to be ported at lower altitude. While he was being treated, we learnt two other group members too were not well and they chose to stay back at Luza the settlement just before Machhermo.

We reached our hotel to be taken aback. Most of our group members had not been able to cope up. They were all throwing up one after the other. The sight was horrendous. We fetched the doctor, who suggested we seriously consider descending. We worked with our guides to have our itinerary redone and trace back our footsteps to Portse Tanga, at a much lower altitude.

Before falling asleep I wasn’t at ease. I was wondering why this was happened. I wasn’t feeling good.

That is when it struck me that life is full of ups and downs, victories and struggles, and huge momentum shifts. This is just how life is, and adversity is a big part of that experience.

This very trek that I had been able to organize was a result of adversity in my own life. I had been an avid trekker. But when I was bedridden for 8 months, I found myself in the state of utter helplessness. It was this very time, I developed a habit of reading voraciously. I connected with friends who I had lost contact with. While chatting with a friend in Germany the seeds of this trek were sown. I did extensive research. I planned this trek. Even when I was bedridden I was determined to make it happen. One adversity had gotten me on the trek, the other which we were facing today will help us realize the dream of celebrating our anniversary at the Everest Base Camp.

This thought put me at ease. I had had my high of the day! 

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The problem however is that most people look at it negatively.

So here are 3 powerful conducts to embrace adversity and make the most out of it –

First things first – Accept it.

Adversity is a part and parcel of life. No matter how hard you avoid it, it will make its way. Some things are beyond your control. So the best you can do in this scenario is to accept the way it is. Pain is inevitable, suffering however is optional. The choice is to be made by you.  

Secondly, deal with it, don’t avoid it.

Begin by evaluating the situation. Identify what you into the situation? Then explore what is it that you can do to get out of it. Now do it.

We were in this situation because we had taken things bit lightly. We hadn’t acclimatized well. We wanted to put ourselves in a better position so that we can complete the rest of the trek and reach the base camp. So we walked back.

Last but not least, Humor it!

Oh yeah, you heard me!

I love to exclaim “I am awesome!” whenever there are unexpected situations or even otherwise. It makes me feel happy, despite the adversity.

I understand that you may be undergoing a rough patch but would you want the world to label you as morose? By the way, we still remember our Machhermo incident as the Puke Fest!

What are your strategies to deal with adversity? Do share in the comments below.

I would love to learn from you your ways of dealing with adversity.

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