Lesson 7 - Put others before you

We didn’t want to – but we all walked back.  Walking to a lower altitude to acclimatize better was what we all unanimously decided as a group. 

On the 6th day of the trek today we were retracing our footsteps from Macchermo to Dole and then even lower to Portse Tanga.

We ensured everyone had rested well. So instead of the regular set afoot by sunup regime we started our day around 11 am. It was still difficult to walk for many. But slowly and steadily, keeping pace with everyone we began descending and reached Dole. After a delayed lunch and some more rest, we geared up for another descend. Everyone was excited to descend, so much so that the next couple of hours was almost a race. Everyone literally ran down and by 5 pm we were at the River Resort at Portse Tanga.

The resort was strikingly located in a valley surrounded by tall peaks. Waters of a river ran dodging the resort premises. Tall greens dotted the avenue. This was a perfect place to unwind.

I was still thinking about what happened yesterday. Also the fact that we had to trace back our path instead of marching ahead was something I had not expected. It also meant cutting out the Gokyo Lake and Chola pass from our itinerary. So, I was a bit disappointed. But on the other hand, we were all together. Though some of us, were in a position to go ahead, all of us chose to be together.

And at that very moment, the importance of putting others before you dawned to me!

The best way to get ahead is to put others ahead of you. Click To Tweet

Compassion thus is the next key I want to talk about that helps you achieve 10X Success.

Wikipedia describes Compassion as having sensitivity to suffering and the desire to alleviate the pain.

The world is full of problems, misery and sufferings. And when you study the most successful people you would discover that being on a mission to solve one of the problems has got them accelerated success.

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So instead of focusing on making money, focus on putting others before you. Click To Tweet Focus on solving their problems. If you are able to do so, money will follow bringing success, fame and a lot more along with it.

In a nutshell, Compassion should drive everything you do if you want greater life satisfaction. Click To Tweet

So here are a 5 ways to be more compassionate –

Appreciate differences

Everyone has their own way of looking at the world. For a pessimist the glass is half empty while for an optimist it is half full. Both are right in their own way. If you appreciate the differences, you will be able focus on the real problem and eventually find a real solution.  


Listening to people will help you understand their perspective. You may probably not be looking at something as a problem, but others may. And you might just have readymade solution for a problem they might have.


Put yourself in the others shoes. Then walk a distance. You will understand the pain better. The solution that you have on offer will also be equally better.


Money isn’t everything. Giving yourself and your time for a cause will help you develop a deeper connect with other volunteers and society at large. While working for a cause and solving the problems, you will become cognizant of more acute problems that you could then solve.

Be kind

Do a random act of kindness every single day. Slowly it will help you be a pro at the above 4 ways that we just discussed. Being kind make you appreciate differences. Being kind makes you listen. Being kind makes you empathize. Being kind makes you volunteers. In short being kind makes you largely compassionate and in turn massively successful.

Putting others before you has to be the way of life if you want to achieve 10X Success.

What do you have to say about this? Do share with me in the comments below.  

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