– a career just the way you dreamt it / a highly successful enterprise built the way you want it
– a perfect life created the way you desired it
– living the lifestyle of your dreams

Sounds like a distant dream? Well, not anymore! All of this can be a reality through ‘Paint Your Future’.

In this workshop, you will work on your Personal Vision. Based on Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’s habit # 2 (Begin with an end in mind), the workshop helps you visualize what you want to achieve at the fag end of your career. You usually start with a lot of things you want to pursue; but as you progress, you are able to arrive at the one thing that really matters to you the most. You then get immersed in this idea by painting it on a canvas, thus triggering your creative brain to help you with ways to achieve it. You take home a clear picture of how you would like to end your career, thus the purpose of your life!

As a participant of ‘Paint Your Future’ you get…

A clear vision/purpose of your life

See the big picture.
Visualize what you are cut for and craft your ONE BIG Thing to focus on in your life.

Alignment in life and career/business

Align your life’s purpose with your career or business.
Achieve the perfect work-life balance.

Life planning tool

A clear outcome to help you make a rock-solid plan to achieve it.

The painting of your future

A clear way of expressing your vision to others so they can support you.


A system created around your vision to help you become more accountable and ensure you achieve it.

Who is paint your future for?


For individuals who would like to set life goals, paint the masterpiece of life and summit their Everest!


For families who want to set their family goals together so everyone can focus together and achieve their Everest together as a family.

Business / Teams

For teams who want to set their annual and long-term goals and achieve peak performance.



My ultimate goal is to achieve eternal bliss.

I had mixed thoughts before I attended Amit’s workshop on Paint Your Future. But when I immersed myself in the painting I got crystal clear about what I am working towards. The way to my eternal bliss was through my paintings which I had given up long back. Painting my future has got me connected to my inner talent once again.

It was a wonderful session. It is a must-do for all!


At the beginning of 2019, we had this workshop conducted for our family. It was one of the best investments I had done for the year as we got clarity on what our family goals are and what should our individual focus areas for us to activate our family goals.

I appreciate Amit’s efforts in making us paint our family’s future!


This workshop was the highlight of our Sales Meet 2018.

Amit helped my sales team set realistic targets connecting them to individual personal goals. It amazed me to see the sales team setting the targets were beyond what I had for them. They took the entire ownership and at the end of the year; they achieved all of what they had set for themselves.

It is thus imperative for all individuals, teams, and corporates to ‘paint their future’.

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