Lesson 13 - You need a system

With our hearts swollen with pride, we began to descend to lower altitude today. At the hotel in Periche, we met a lady who had chosen on this trek all by herself.

Have you invested in creating a system for your success? Comment yes if you have and feel free to share how you have benefitted. If you haven’t, comment NO.

On the 12th day of the trek we were retracing our footsteps from Gorakshep to Periche.

The sense of achievement had made most of us sleep like logs. Today we wanted to take it easy. After breakfast, around 10 am, we were all geared up to start descending. Outside the hotel, Mount Everest was standing tall. We bid a final good bye before we set afoot.

Today we were descending. Everyone had almost started running. What seemed to have been a next to impossible task while getting here seemed to be a cake walk now. In no time we crossed Lobuche to reach Thukla where we had our lunch.  

Hereafter, the weather suddenly changed. It rained. And that made us walk even faster to reach Periche. At the hotel where we were put up, we met a lady from Delhi who had made it to the base camp and back all by herself. We were amazed.

While talking to her, people continued be even more amazed by her courageous act. But then I was thinking – even though she had walked alone, there was a larger system behind her that made her successful. To begin with – her parents and family members who trusted and supported her. Her friends who helped her plan. Then there was a guide who she had hired and the porter who was porting her bags.

When we see successful individuals we are always amazed. But we usually forget that to be able to reach that stage, there are many others who are working behind the scenes. And usually that is the mistake that we make. When we chart out our plan for success, we chart it keeping only ourselves in mind. That is how we set ourselves up for failure.

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A classic example of this is Eric’s expedition to Mount Everest. Eric Weihenmayer has the honor of being the first blind man (and the only one) to have summited the world’s tallest mountain – The Everest. While, he is the one who gets glorified, there was a team of 20 who was with him on that expedition and many otherwise who helped him achieve this feat.

This was possible because of a system where –

  1. Everyone was working for one and only one purpose – to help Eric summit Everest.
  2. To cross the cervices Eric took more than double the time as compared to others, but everyone was patient. They observed him and later helped Eric with strategies to help him be better and faster.
  3. They kept track of time and progress made.
  4. They had daily meetings to discuss on what could be done better.

To get all of this done you need people who form a strong system. This system helps you achieve 10X Success.    

I would love to hear from you, your take on this. Feel free to comment and share your opinions.

Also if you want me to help you create a system comment SYSTEM and I will be glad to help you.

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Get the best tips, special offers, and news to help you achieve 10X Success.

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